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A Deeply Flawed Individual, Who Started a Multi-trillion Dollar Industry and Changed History

Broken Genius: The Rise and Fall of William Shockley, Creator of the Electronic Age - Joel N. Shurkin

Dry in parts, but overall interesting. This is the story of a gifted physicist from MIT who collaborated with two others to invent the transistor. It is definitely a "warts-and-all" tale; as Shockley was deeply flawed, both in his arrogance (trying to take entire credit for the transistor, when it was clearly a group effort), and in his racism which became more evident later in life. Aside from Shockley's personal tale, it is interesting that he founded the first tech company in collaboration with Stanford U. in Palo Alto- making him, for all his flaws, the "grandfather of Silicon Valley". Due to his heavy-handed management style, the company didn't last long, but two of his senior scientists on staff went on to found multibillion dollar chip manufacturer 'Intel".