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Short stories about growing up in the South

Growing Up in the South (Signet Classics) - Suzanne Jones

Meh. A hit-or-miss collection of short stories, mostly taking place between the 1920's and 1970's, about different authors' personal experiences and reflections about identity, regionalism, class, race, and the South. I don't doubt the authenticity or sincerity of these, but some of them seem almost too stereotypical.  


The best one, for me, was more like an essay than a story, by Randal Kenan: "Where Am I Black?" In which the author's experience with anonymity on the early (1993) internet  clarified his ideas about race. He was initially excited that everybody could be "colorless" or racially undefined on the net, and that held a promise of realizing MLK's dream of a community that truly did see only the content of one's character; not the color of their skin, etc. A series of experiences led him to realize that he didn't want that; he wanted to be black on the internet, but wrestled with what that exactly meant and how he could achieve it.