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Moving Heavy Things

Moving Heavy Things - Jan Adkins This is a very fun, very short (47 pages, with abundant illustrations) book dedicated to a single focused topic: solutions for moving heavy objects. No, this isn't a book about humungous trucks used to build hydroelectric powerplants or whatnot. It's more like the best way to move a piano, or how to rig chains on a frame to lift an engine block, or how a system of pulleys can allow several people to pull out a stump without use of a truck or power winch. These are not brute force solutions; they are elegant, and the book briefly explains the basic mechnics behind each solution. My favorite part is on pages 32-33, which describes and illustrates different pulley, block and tackle configurations. A single rope bears 100% of the weight; a single pulley distributes the weight over two lines (50% each); a "two-fold purchase" distributes the weight over four lines (25% each), etc.The part with levers I remember from middle school "physical sciences" class. Actually, this is probably a great book for a middle school or high school aged kid taking physics. Fun, focused, simple, and practical! ...how could I give it less than five stars?