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Macbeth (Signet Classics)

Macbeth - William Shakespeare CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH REVIEW*(* entertainment purposes only) 1984 v. MacBethIt is 1957.It is night.It is raining. A creeping sense of unreality grabs me. Is it shell-shock reasserting itself, in response to my great anxiety? My hands are visibly shaking. Bloody.WHAT HAVE I DONE?!The murder of the first General Secretary of the Inner Party! No punishment in Room 101 can match the horrors I’ll face for this![FLASHBACK]It is one month ago. I am in my General’s uniform, standing at a table, looking at a map with my field commanders. The otherworldly atomic wreckage of Paris surrounds our little forward station. The front isn’t far off, and Eurasian forces are regrouping. We need to be moving.There is some disturbance. Women’s voices. An aide brings three haggard sisters before me. “We found them in the forest outside Versailles. They seem to have a lot of Top Secret information. They want to speak with you. In fact, they named you specifically, General.” The aide eyes me now, and adds “Be careful, Sir, they may be spies.”These women don’t look like spies; they look like refugees- dirty and sick with starvation. But there is something weird and chilling about them… something which makes me pay them heed. How did they know my name, after all? I’d never seen them before in my life. The tallest of them has severe radiation burns on her face. She meets my gaze directly and speaks.“You’ll be General Secretary of the Inner Party, one day.” The aide shoves her to the ground forcefully. “You mind your words! Duncan is watching you!”. He looks around suspiciously. “He's watching all of us- even out here.”[/FLASHBACK]I snap to. Could the strange prophecy be coming true? Only a week later, on returning to Airstrip One, General Secretary Duncan promoted me to Party Thane of the Cawdor District. Then, a few days ago, he suggested a meeting. There are many domestic and strategic questions to resolve, now that the Atomic Wars are coming to a close. I was grateful for this opportunity to help shape history. Party Thane was higher than I’d ever dreamed I'd rise. It was my wife who hadn’t been satisfied with the appointment. She was determined that I should be General Secretary myself!She had a plan. And like a fool, I went along with her.I absentmindedly wash my hands in the sink now. [DUNCAN IS WATCHING!], the Party slogan flashes in my mind, uninvited. "Not now he isn’t", I chuckle to myself morbidly. They’ll have to find a new slogan to scare the Proles.My wife enters, wide-eyed.“What are you doing with those daggers!??”Oh! She's right! I should’ve left them in Duncan’s room!“Never mind”, she grabs the instruments. “I’ll return them myself.”The intercom buzzes. “What is it!?”, I call out to the incorporeal air.“Sorry to bother you Sir! There’s a visitor at the gate for you and Lady Goldstein. A Commissioner MacDuff of Internal Security brings word that Fleance O’Brien has defected. An Eurasian submarine picked him up off the coast of Aberdeen.”I can tell it is going to be a long night.MATCH POINT: 1984