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ED The Happy Clown (A Yummy Fur Book)

ED The Happy Clown (A Yummy Fur Book) - Chester Brown Yummy Fur is a pretty obscure comic series from the 1980's. It's mostly bizarro stuff I remember seemed pretty funny in college, so when I saw a copy for cheap on Amazon, I thought I'd pick it up for laughs and nostalgia. It wasn't as funny as I remember, so that was basically $4 wasted. ...But you wanna know what is funny? LOLCATS! they brighten my day, and posting them is way more fun than using GoodReads to clearly articulate what I thought was good or bad in this book I'm reviewing. Check it out!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get it?? Because cat's don't really talk in real life!!! And I'm pretty sure they don't eat hamburgers either!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!Here's another good one!!!!HAHAAAHAHAHAHA!!! It's not a cheeseburger.Priceless!!!Oh, I can hardly breathe... that's the funniest thing ever!!!!!A vegetarian cat!!!?!! WTF??!!? Cat's aren't vegetarian!!!Whew! Okay, that ought to be good for about 30 votes there.But seriously now, I really want to present a case to you for why this is actually a 5-star book, and why you should consider buying a copy of Yummy Fur to enjoy at home:1) It has a lot of WIN in it.2) It is awesome. As awesome as the comic synergy you get by combining Adam Sandler with animated gif files!!!!! 3) I have named it to my "Seven Stars Inner Circle Club", a subsection of my "OMFGILOVETHISBOOK" shelf, which represents the very top 600 books I think are extra-specially deserving.4) Finally, when I read it, I was like:Get it? Like that cat's reaction represents my comically exaggerated response to the book! What more do I need to do to get your vote?