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The Great Gatsby (A Scribner Classic)

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald A Valentine's Day Quiz Do you know true love, the way F. Scott Fitzgerald knows true love? ...take this fun quiz to find out! 1. You fall in love with beautiful Daisy Fay, but your blossoming romance is interrupted when you are sent off to war. On your return, you discover she has married some rich dude, Tom Buchanan. How do you interpret these events?a) She must have never loved me.b) Well, at least I got some. Time to move on.c) We're still in love! I just need to get some $$mo-nay$$!d) Forget about the girl; international bankers engineered that war! We have to figure out how to stop them from killing more people!2. It is now five years later, and not only have you become fabulously wealthy, you are the toast of New York's social scene. What do you say to this?a) The world is my oyster. This makes it easier to move on from my failed romance. b) Awesome! Now how do I put together one of those rich people sex parties, like in Eyes Wide Shut?c) Part 1 of my plan is complete! Now it's time to start stalking that married woman who lives down the road!d) It's 1925- how do I keep finance oligarchs from stealing my wealth? They're planning an engineered stock market crash in 1929, followed by a confiscation of citizens' gold in 1933!3. You are Nick, the aloof batchelor living next to Jay Gatsby. One day he tells you he used to be involved with Mrs. Buchanan. Now he wants you to arrange a meeting between him and Mrs. B. What is your response?a) Better to stay away from this guy; he's obviously sufferring an unhealthy obsession. If I abate his adulterous impulses, it could make a powerful enemy out of Tom Buchanan.b) That's kind of f'd up, but Jay throws some pretty wild parties, and I don't want to miss out... so I'll tell him I'll "look into it"... but I never will.c) What the hell? I'll hook up my buddy! While I'm at it, I'll start banging Mrs. Buchanan's friend, Jordan. What could possibly go wrong?d) What does this have to do with Oligarchical Collectivism?4. You are Tom Buchanan. You've just found out that your wife, Daisy, has been sleeping with your neighbor, Jay Gatsby. You've also learned that they were romantically involved eight years ago, and Gatsby has been plotting ever since to reclaim her. What do you do?a) My marriage to Daisy isn't perfect, but I'll proclaim my love to her, and my intention to make things work from now on. I throw Gatsby out of my home, and tell him I'll defend spouse and home with deadly force, if I ever see him around here again.b) Well... I'm fucking Myrtle Wilson on the side, so what do I really care? I ask Jay and Daisy if they want to swing with me and Myrtle.c) I pleasantly agree to go with Jay, Daisy, Nick Carraway and Jordan for lunch at a hotel in Manhattan. I can confront Jay about this whole adultery/stalking thing later. (I'm hungry!)d) I tell Jay that fiat currency systems are inherantly unstable, and that a gold-backed money is the only sure way to ward off inflationary manipulation.5. You are Daisy. Tom and Jay are fighting over you. How do you assess the situation?a) I have get away from both of them! I now see how unhealthy this whole sordid mess is. I realize I've never really known true love, and all these material things I've surrounded myself with have come at too high a price. It's time to start my life over again somewhere far from here.b) I stay with Tom. It turns out Jay's a bootlegger, so his wealth is vulnerable to seizure in this age of Prohibition. Tom's more stable. Sure, he's got a mistress on the side; welcome to the "Upper Crust", you know? Besides, who else is going to give me a swimming pool and summers on the French Riviera? c) They're both so great, I can't make up my mind! I think I'll get in my car and mow down Tom's mistress!d) I explain to Jay and Tom that it doesn't matter which one of them wins me, because if they don't start standing up for individual liberties, pretty soon all three of us are going to be living in a police state. Let's add up your scoreFor every time you answered with choice "a", give yourself 1 point.For every time you answered with choice "b", give yourself 2 points.For every time you answered with choice "c", give yourself 3 points.For every time you answered with choice "d", give yourself 4 points.If you got 5, don't change a thing!!!If you got 6-9, well... you're doing better than average.If you got 10-13 you are kind of fucked up, but unfortunately also somewhat mainstream (Happy Valentine's Day, btw).If you got 14-17 you live in the F. Scott Fitzgerald universe!!!You just may be as romantic as him!!! (all answers "c" were from the book!!!)If you got 18 or higher, check out some of my other reviews!Oh, F. Scott Fitzgerald, you hopeless romantic, you!Happy Valentine's Day!