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The Hermetic Code Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets

The Hermetic Code: Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets - Carolin Vesely, Buzz Currie, Frank Albo This work really grew out of an Anthropology student's doctoral thesis at the University of Winnipeg. Frank Albo analyzes features in the architecture in and around Winnipeg, pointing out details which would probably escape the layperson's notice, but which give insight into the beliefs (religious and otherwise) of the builders. He goes into some geometry and mathematics as well (the "golden ratio" so favored by ancient Greeks, and the Fibonucci Function), but nothing too complicated. I love this kind of work, which shows the spectacular camouflaged as the mundane, and makes us look twice at the world around us, as it lies quietly waiting to be appreciated. In the foreward, the author chafes at comparisons with the DaVinci Code. Sorry, but it's an obvious association: symbology in architecture, etc, but this book is more interesting, since it is real.