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Mangajin's Basic Japanese Through Comics

Basic Japanese Through Comics Part 1: Compilation Of The First 24 Basic Japanese Columns From Mangajin Magazine - Mangajin Magazine, Ashizawa Kazuko, Mangajin Six stars! Seven stars! This book does exactly as it says- demonstrates vocabulary, usages (yet more ways to use the word "domo"!?) and sentence constructions in Japanese, using excerpts from popular cartoons. This is a very fun way to practice basic Japanese, including some simple kanji. It also features tidbits not featured in more streightlaced textbooks, like slang, onomonopoea ("kacha" signifies a door opening! -p.56), and situational uses (e.g.- at a wedding, you tell a bride to be happy, but you don't say that to the groom, since it is understood that his job is to make the bride happy...)This book is tons of fun for students of Japanese, but note- a certain level of proficiency is needed before this book can be helpful (e.g.- you should already be familiar with hirugana and katakana, and basic vocabulary and grammar as might be expected from the first year Japanese class)