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The Motley Fools Rule Breakers Rule Makers : The Foolish Guide To Picking Stocks

The Motley Fool's Rule Breakers, Rule Makers: The Foolish Guide to Picking Stocks - David Gardner, Tom Gardner There are no shortcuts to doing your homework and learning through experience in the markets. The simplistic lessons in this book are all retrospective, essentially recommending stocks (many of them overvalued at the time of printing) based on past performance, and then making up reasons to explain their success. Like ALL pop culture financial advice, I have two major criticisms:1) this book have plenty to say about what to buy, much less to say about when to buy, and NOTHING to say about when to sell. 2) the book assumes that a good product will always translate into positive investment results. The authors say nothing about looking into management effectiveness, long-term market strategy, or market movements.This book is a reductive, simplistic distraction.