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American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone

American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Senator Paul Wellstone - Four Arrows, James H. Fetzer Engineered aircraft catastrophies seem to be the favored method Elites use to assasinate each other. Judging from this story, coverup must be easier, since these sort of murders are not investigated by inquizative, sceptical homicide detectives, but rather by bored bureaucratic "company men" at the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). I speculate (and this is just me thinking out loud) that with the attention on scattered shards of twisted metal instead of a corpse, it must feel aniseptic to the perpetrators...nothing personal, just business, as the Corleone family might say. On 25 Oct 2002, Senator Paul Wellstone and his family were killed in a small aircraft crash, at the end a flight that had reported no trouble, in a remote area where no other planes were around, and on a day in which visibility was high and the weather was calm. Author Four Arrows investigates the entirely reasonable hypothesis that the outspoken Senator's death may not have been an accident... and encounters nothing but harassment and stonewalling from every official he interviews. Who would benefit from the late Senator Wellstone's death? Well, for one thing, anybody who wanted him to lose his re-election bid, scheduled 11 days after his airplane crashed. That's a lot of people. Wellstone was a well left-of-center Democrat, in the days when all three branches of government were dominated by Republicans. Wellstone expressed opposition to military action against Iraq... this was in 2002, during the paranoid days of post-9/11 Neoconservative hysteria. He died less than two months before Condaleeza Rice would give her irresponsible speech about how "we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud", and less than three months before Colon Powell would squander all credibility by presenting the United Nations with cartoon drawings of Saddam Hussein's imaginary chemical weapons plants.It's interesting to speculate how things might have gone differently, if Wellstone could have injected some well-reasoned counterpoints into the "debate" (there wasn't much of one) about taking the nation to war.His opposition to war in Iraq was a minority position, to be sure, but a dangerous one to the Chickenhawk crowd. Dick Cheney and his henchmen had a war to start, and a police state to construct, so the popular Senator was likely on somebody's hit list. Here's an article documenting other Cheney-associated assassinations.Admitedly the evidence in this book is circumstantial. It would have to be, since the FAA and FBI crash site findings were not made available to the authors. What they present is still quite disturbing, including:1) The supsicious and astonishing indifference of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigators to an in-air accident resulting in the death of a Senator. There were several leads to this case which went uninvestigated (bystander witnesses who weren't interviewed, for example) because somebody at the FAA deemed the case to be "routine", and "not suspicious". The death of a sitting outspoken Senator, who opposed the current administration's plans for war, and who was up for re-election... ROUTINE??? "NOT SUSPICIOUS"?!???!?!?!???2) A ground witness to the crash had been using his cell phone at the time, and reported hearing a loud buzz on the phone at the exact second when the plane lost control. The book documents how this could signify electronic interference (intentional or not) which disrupted the plane's electronics... but the FAA refuses to investigate that angle! Instead, they're hanging tight with their "gust of wind" theory, and refuse to consider any alterative explanations. When the witness was interviewed a second time, he acted nervous, and flat out denied having ever said anything about a cell phone. He then refused to continue with the interview.3) Oddly, even though the plane crashed in a very remote area, a team of FBI agents were at the scene BEFORE the local police showed up! The FBI wouldn't explain what a whole team of agents was doing at that particular rural site at the time (citing national security, as every agency in the George W. Bush administration did, for almost anything they didn't feel like talking about). Contrary to normal procedure, the FBI disrupted the crash scene before police could seal it off, and before crash experts from the FAA showed up.That seems like enough reason to re-open the investigation of the crash (for what that's worth at this point). Don't think so? Well, there's more. Get the book.