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How the Loon Lost her Voice

How the Loon Lost her Voice - Anne Cameron The title is slightly misleading; Loon and her voice are just incidental. Really, this is a (Pacific Northwest Indian) Chowickan story explaining why winter comes each year. It's a fun one to read with gradeschool-aged kids because at first it isn't clear what's going on, but by the end, they can put together the clues to see that everything relates to the changes you see in wintertime. It starts when the Dark Spirits come to steal away daylight, and the days get shorter. Then, through some plot twists I won't give away, Deer loses his antlers. Then Bear falls asleep for several months... etc. Raven, the intellegent trickster, finally manages to deceive the Spirits and secure the return of daylight, Deer's antlers, and Bear's wakefulness... but he can't get back Loon's voice. Find out why!