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Sixth Column

Sixth Column - Robert A. Heinlein In this second installment of the Champie saga, master storyteller Brandi Burlington expands the reader's understanding of Cassie's world, and introduces us to several new characters, such as Dr. Anna Stockwell, world-renowned ornithologist in pursuit of the fabled Black-Tailed Night Bird. Obviously, I am impressed. It turns out Dr. Stockwell's credentials as a bird expert is only one of many talents. She is also possessed of impressive semen-identifying skills (at least when she is covered in it), and the ability to find information on the internet. We also meet Cassie's roommate Daria, who has a fondness for world music, wrap skirts, and taking multiple lovers simultaneously. Burlington expands a little on that last one. Cassie's character is further developed, when we learn that she not only has a preference for aquatic lovemaking, but in fact really has no capacity for sexual congress on dry land at all, unless the shower counts. Trust me: in this story, it counts. I very much enjoyed the book's exploration of Dr.Stockwell's research into the phenomenon of massive amounts of semen raining down from the sky. Her decision to use old Japanese horror movies as a research tool struck me as particularly out-of-the-box thinking. I am eager to see how this storyline plays out in the future. The narrative comes to a climax during a second encounter between Champie and Cassie. Champy at this point is no stranger to having relations with humans, and the experienced monster of this second episode has lost his awkwardness and really come into his own as a lover. Creating a believable character arc for a non-human major character like this is very much to Ms. Burlington's credit. You don't see writing like this every day, except occasionally on Smashwords. There's a twist to this second encounter, which I won't spoil for you. Ms. Burlington is teasing us a little bit here, which I suppose erotica authors are wont to do. I hope I haven't spoiled too much already, but I'm sure you will find reading the details for yourself very gratifying. If you enjoyed Fucked by the Lake Monster, I can give you every assurance that What Cums Next will not disappoint, and will leave you looking forward to whatever comes next.