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Moby-Dick (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Moby-Dick (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) - Herman Melville Fuck. I hate it whenever Esteban is right about anything, but he got it right this time; Moby Dick is just a damn good book. In my mind, it sits at the center of a web of interrelated subjects and books which together paint a picture of America- or at least aspects of America- in the 19th century. If that sounds boring to you, forget I said it, because this book has it all: high adventure fiction, informative historical nonfiction, showtunes (really!), the magnificence of nature, the unshakable determination of the human spirit, and literally thousands of gallons of sperm.OILDaniel Yergin's exhaustive tome The Prize, about the history of the petroleum industry, places the beginning of the "Hydrocarbon Age" in 1859, with the discovery of the Drake oil well in rural Pennsylvania.