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Gulliver's Travels (Penguin Classics)

Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift, Robert DeMaria Jr. THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS IN RELATIVITYPREMISE: A book which remains constant will appear to change, when viewed from different points along a reader's age and developmental maturity.Exhibit 1.BOOK REPORT, BRIAN, Aged 10: (5 stars)This book was cool!! My grandma got it for me at Lampson's Book Store in Tonawanda. Gulliver goes to different islands where all sorts of weird stuff goes on. The first two places he goes to are the best. First is Lilliput, where everybody is like an inch tall, so he seems like a giant to them. They tie him up when he's sleeping, but he gets out. He meets the king and helps fight their enemies (also small size) by stealing their ships... lifting them right out of the water like toy boats!Next he goes to Brobdingnag. It's the total opposite. Everybody else is giant, so he seems small. They think he's like a toy, and he has to live in some girl's dollhouse. They do a lot of the same things in this book as they do in Land of the Giants (possibly being eaten by cats or dogs). This book is probably where they got the idea for that show. Then Gulliver goes to a bunch of other places, which are weird, and not as fun as the first two, but it is overall a fun adventure. Get it!Exhibit 2.MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD: PERSONAL RUMINATIONS, BRIAN, Aged 16:(1 star)I used to think this book was cool, but now I can see the truth: it sucks. We read some excerpts in English class, and now I have this sheet with all these questions I have to answer:1) Identify three instances where Swift uses fictional kingdoms in this story to parody elements of British society in his day. 2) What do you think Swift was trying to say here?etc, etc, etcUrrrgh! This is going to take forever! Talking about this in class today was SO STUPID. [My teacher] Mrs Thomas thought Swift was so clever, and funny because he was insulting different dukes and earls with this book, but it was so well-disguised that they didn't even know they were being insulted. That's dumb. What's the point of insulting somebody if they don't know it? I also hate when people started bringing up Alice In Wonderland, because first she's small, then she's big, etc. First of all: they're missing the point... because Alice actually changes her size, but Gulliver stays the same and everybody around him changes. It's totally different. Idiots. People who think this is like Alice In Wonderland are just jealous. They can't write a book themselves, so they want to say "Oh, Alice isn't original, she's just a rip-off of Gulliver." Write your own book, if you're so original.Exhibit 3.DRAFT FOR A GOODREADS REVIEW, BRIAN, Aged 42:(probably like 4 or 5 stars, I guess) Plot1726: It is the Year of the British East India Company's Color-fast Textiles (YBEICCT), or exactly five years since Burma was brought into the Organization of British Territories Under Shameless Exploitation (OBTUSE). Gulliver Gately and his crew are shipwrecked after narrowly escaping death at the hands of Hawaiian shirt-clad Canadian prirates, who were avenging the death of their dog. Gately gains consciousness slowly, trying to make sense of a hazy perception that he's somehow been tied to the ground by a band of one inch tall men. "Am I stoned?", he wonders to himself. Looking about, he takes note that Lady Joelle- a passenger aboard ship, and surely the Prettiest Ever Wench (PEW)- is nowhere to be seen...::short pause:: (Now what?)(...Oh yeah!...post a picture!) (How do I end this?...)::long pause::(Vote-whoring with cute reviews is a lot of work!) (....what was this book about, again?)CONCLUSIONS: I read this book when I was ten, and loved it. I should have quit when I was ahead.