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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein This book is a piece of stinking propaganda feces glorifying the perverse role of the "adoring slave"- a role being foisted on the middle class by Elites, who expect us to grovel and thank them for keeping the wheels turning on this putrifying and grossly unjust system, as we bail out their "too big to fail" banks, brokerage houses and insurance firms. Taxpayers play the role of the Tree, as Goldman Sachs and AIG executives- playing the Boy- award themselves record-level bonuses, and then come back the next year asking for yet more "distressed asset assistance". And what do we do? We give it to them, and thank them for all their good work! The Boy perpetrates false flag terrorism on the Tree, and then use it as an excuse to beat the war drum and send underclass young men to die on foreign soil, for reasons unrelated to national defense, while the Boy's companies like Halliburton make unprescedented billions on their no-bid contracts, with their "cost plus" fee structures. They're doing it again with Iran now. The Elite "Boys" hype up the fear, and the middle class "Trees" -masochistic suckers that we are- allow them to take all our rights away, writing laws saying that citizens can be lawfully detained by the nation's military and indefinitely held without charges being filed. The "Tree" is the middle class, the "Boy" is the small handful of sadistic fuckers who run our system, and The Giving Tree is the repulsive parable of the sick age we live in.ORIGINAL REVIEW:When I was a kid, I thought this was a sweet story about a tree that loved a boy. Now, it seems dysfunctional. The boy grows up and asks the tree if it's okay if he cuts it down, and the tree agrees. That's abusing a friendship in my book.