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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh: The Complete Collection of Stories and Poems - A.A. Milne CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH REVIEW*(* entertainment purposes only) Mary Poppins v. The Complete Stories of Winnie the PoohWhen Christopher Robbins' cousins Jane, Michael, John, Barbara and Annabel Banks had first invited him to spend the summer with them at their home in London, he wasn't sure he wanted to go. It seemed such a long way away from the Hundred Acre Wood, and he wasn't accustomed to city life. And then there was the idea of leaving Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet and the rest... how would he fare in the strange city without them? On the other hand, Robbins loved his cousins very dearly, and hadn't seen them for some years, so he decided to pack his bag and join them for the summer.Oh! What a summer is was! His mind whirled now with delight when he considered all the fun times he'd had! Playing with the Banks children, feeding pigeons in the park, viewing the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and riding a double-decker bus... London was a wonderful place! Most unexpected of all, Christopher Robbins had grown dearly attached to the Banks' nanny, Mary Poppins. What a sweet woman she was. Not only did she accompany the children on all sorts of adventures, she kept their home immaculately clean, grew beautiful flowers in their garden, and always served the most delicious meals. In July, little Annabel had a birthday, and Mary had served donkey of all things! The butcher back at the Hundred Acre Wood didn't even sell donkey meat, but apparently in a cosmopolitan town like London, you could get it. Then in August, Mr.Banks' business associate Mr. Schnitzelheimer visited from Germany. To make him feel at home, Mary prepared a most delectable Hazenpfeffer. More recently, to celebrate her victory over Mrs. B, Mary prepared a mouthwatering dish of roasted owl! Christopher Robbins felt so provincial; he didn't even want to admit he'd never heard of anybody eating owl meat before."I'm so glad you beat that mean old Mrs. B", cousin John told Mary, but Mary would have none of it."Don't speak poorly of Mrs. B", she chided. "She authored one of the finest cookbooks I've ever read. A book in fact, which has been particularly useful to me, of late." That's the sort of woman Ms. Poppins was. She knew to set a good example for the children, and never spoke ill of anybody. That was one of the many things Christopher Robbins knew he would miss, when he left the Banks' home. Just thinking about leaving tomorrow made Robbins feel so sad. This was his "goodbye dinner". It was time to return home. As he sat there at the table, with the grand meal all around him, a little tear welled up in one eye."Come now, little Christopher, what's troubling you?", Mary asked."I'm going to miss you... all of you so very much."He looked around the table at his dear cousins. "You've all been so wonderful to me.", he continued, "I've enjoyed our adventures tremendously. And Ms. Poppins: your meals are the finest I've ever had the pleasure of eating!"She smiled warmly. "Well, if you feel that way, why don't you stay with us a bit longer? We've certainly got plenty of food to go around!"The Banks children nodded eagerly in agreement.He hadn't even considered the possibility. Could he?"That's a fine idea, Mary." Uncle George chimed in. "We could enroll you in school here. You'd be in Michael's class."The children cheered."That sounds like great fun.", Robbins admitted. "But I wonder whether Pooh and the rest would understand. I've already been away for so long, and it's been ages since I've exchanged letters with any of them. They might start to feel I've abandoned them.""Don't give that another thought!" Mary exclaimed. "I'll post a letter to them tomorrow; I'm sure they will understand completely." The way she said it, so certain and upbeat, Christopher just knew it would be fine to stay on a bit longer in London. He brushed away his tear and grinned."I think you're right, Mary. I think they'll understand.""Of course I'm right, Master Robbins! Now finish your meal... would you like some more honey sauce with your kangaroo?"MATCH POINT: Mary Poppins