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The Adventures of Unemployed Man

The Adventures of Unemployed Man - Erich Origen, Gan Golan, Ramona Fradon, Rick Veitch, Michael Netzer I enjoyed this! This is a comic with some action and a lot of funny/sad commentary on our struggling economy. The hero starts off as a Fox News-type right-wing superhero: "Bootstrap" who goes around telling the poor that their poverty is their own fault. Then he loses his own job, and learns first-hand the challenges today's unemployed face. His skill set hasn't been updated in decades, and being an entry-level superhero has changed quite a bit from when he started. Prospective employers aren't interested in hearing about his experience, if he hasn't got a certificate to go with it. When all his leads on superhero positions dry up, he applies to become a sidekick, but learns he is overqualified. Eventually, he throws out his Bootstrap costume and reinvents himself as Unemployed Man (UEM) and falls in with other homeless superheros living in a shantytown behind a landfill: "Master of Degrees" - the perpetual student who remains in school because he can't find work; a Wonder Woman knockoff who is a single mother with multiple part-time jobs; "Plan B"; "Duct Tape" and an illegal immigrant with the power of invisibility. UEM and his pals soon meet up with "The Thumb" (a giant evil thumb) and his cadre of super villains, including "Gold Sac" (Goldman Sachs) who looks like the Monopoly man with a giant money bag for a scrotum; a Rush Limbaugh clone; and a few other funny ones. The super villains are using federal bailout money to build a giant vaccuum to suck jobs out of America and send them to China. The good guys naturally win, in a classic comic book sort of way. Our real-life problems won't go away as easily, but this book was good for some laughs.