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Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction

Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction - Susan J. Blackmore Cognitive Science is one of those composite subjects like "foreign relations"... it is really an amalgam of many traditional subjects, in this case- psychology, anthropology (sort of), neurology, network design, linguistics, mathematical modeling, and probably others. I cannot imagine any single person can claim expertise in Congnative Science overall, just one part of it or another. So how can this Very Short Introduction hope to do justice to such a bear of subject? This book limits itself to the question of "What is Consciousness?", and is a fascinating read. Naturally there is no one set, authoritative answer to that question, but rather a competition of compelling theories. Kudos to Blackmore for distilling their substance into comprehensible form for laity like me.Disturbing side note: apparently most of what we perceive as a continuous stream of consciousness is actually the experience we get from our brains artificially stringing together the relatively infrequent moments input from our senses is acutally registered and stored. The rest of the time, we're walking around in a dream state.