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The Terminal Man

The Terminal Man - Michael Crichton Far ahead of its time. The idea of computer chips interfacing with the human brain has been explored extensively, and maybe some day there will be a matrix-type interface which transports users into a cyber-reality, but Crichton's idea makes sense that it would first appear as something simpler, like a "pacemaker" type device used to control seizures. This is truly brilliant, considering it was written nearly 40 years ago, and nothing about it is more brilliant than Crichton's examination of the darker side of this technology. Modern "transhumanists" like Ray Kurzweil would do well to think about this, before gushing uncritically about "augmentation" of our natural brains. Terminal Man is a good counter to read before Kurzweil's "Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever", and both are complemented well with some of the commentary in the last 20minutes or so of Alex Jones' documentary "Endgame".