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Into the Wild

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer Another adventure/disaster book from Krakauer. Well researched, if you want to read about another child of privilege "taking on Mother Nature" with disastrous endings. "Into Thin Air" was a bit more heroic, becuase... come on, it's people training for years to take on the biggest mountain the planet can offer. This one is more pathetic than heroic. Basically a young twenty-something kid, who may or may not have emotional problems, doesn't want to take a McJob like the rest of his generation (who does?), and decides to become a sort of hobo. Now I know some people out there think this is romantic - the same people who love Jack Kerouac "On the Road", etc. The thing is, it's romantic to think about for a few minutes.. it's not romantic to wander around the continent, where nobody knows you or cares about you, and without knowing where your next meal will come from. So it ends with the protagonist dying alone in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wild, because he didn't know that the seeds he was eating were poisonous. That's not heroic or romantic, it's poor planning. Three stars because Shakespeare himself probably couldn't do much better with such downer material.