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Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Where Have All the Leaders Gone? - Lee Iacocca, Catherine Whitney Full disclosure: what I read of this book I found so outrageous, I soon began to skip through many parts, and could not finish. In 1979, Lee Iacocca "saved" the failing Chrysler Corporation with a massive taxpayer-funded loan, using the justification that Chrysler was "too big to fail". This helped establish the precedent for the criminal TARP bailouts of 2008/2009... So now this clown has the gaul, the hypocrisy, to criticize the current state of things!?Since Chrysler's big taxpayer loan, the company has filed for bankruptcy, been swallowed up and spit out by Daimler-Benz, and has most recently sold off its few profitable elements to FIAT (maker of the world's all-time worst cars ever). It is incomprehensible that any impartial observer could construe this string of catastrophies as a "saving" of the company. If anything, Iacocca and Chrysler should have taught us that no company should be regarded as "too big to fail". If capitalism is allowed to function properly, failing companies must be permitted in their natural course to insolvency.Most annoying of all: Iacocca and many of his fawning right-wing fandom have only just now started to criticize Bush and his expensive, painful, and pointless military adventures abroad. Fair enough, Bush deserves the severest criticism for this, but where was all Iacocca's (et al) criticism when it might have had some effect? For Republicans to sheepishly slink out and admit their disagreement with Bush/Cheney doctrine NOW, when it does no good to effect any change whatsoever strikes me as the most vile and hypocritical sort of faux "patriotism" imaginable. It is an ethos which places the Republican Party ahead of the interests of the country, or the welfare of young men who acted in good faith and placed themselves in harm's way for a cynical package of lies. So where have all the leaders gone? Fuck you, Lee Iacocca.