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Dork Volume 2: Circling The Drain

Dork Volume 2: Circling the Drain - Evan Dorkin I was half way through this, when it occured to me "when was this published?" ...1996 (the GR info is wrong, it's 1996). That explains all the references to mid-1990's music and pop culture. Most of this comic is fairly timeless though, and all of it is good fun. The humor is like a slightly more R-rated version of MAD magazine, and the artwork is wonderful- reminiscent of MAD's Al Jaffee, with maybe also some R.Crumb thrown in. The devil puppet on the front cover is a recurring character. He takes over the body of, and frequently ruins the lives of, whoever wears him on their hand. The devil puppet stories are the longest, and have a creepy/funny "Tales from the Crypt"-type feel to them. My favorite is a parody of King Kong, except instead of going to Skull Island to catch a giant ape, they go to Switzerland and capture Karl Jung. Some great one-liners in there. The one about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloons is also good (read it to find out) That one isn't really supposed to be funny, I think... but entertaining. Interesting.Funnier stuff includes the part about "Product Mascots of Yesteryear... where are they now?" Charlie the Tuna, "Punchy"- the Hawaiian Punch kid... things like that. If you're old enough to remember these characters, they're pretty funny. (the Jolly Green Giant goes into porn, after losing his spokesperson deal- ha!)There are some interesting expositional stories about the author... mixed results there. I like the story of him stealing soda pop at summer camp, and the divine retribution which followed! His older struggles with depression, etc... it is good. Very personal, and some of it touching, but kind of breaks the mood of the rest of the comic, which- as I said- is more like MAD magazine.Esteban del Mal will probably like the "Christzilla" part- the DNA of Godzilla and Jesus Christ fused to make a giant super-monster which terrorizes Tokyo. That just seems like a story he'd like.Some of this is very creative. I like the new updated versions of rock-paper-scissors.It used to be rock smashes scissiors, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock... some of the new ones include: rock sues scissors, scissors defames paper, paper throws acid in rock's face... etc.There's a bunch of those, and the illustrations that go with them are hillarious.If you're a fan of independent comics, consider getting this one. There are more than enough belly laughs to justify the $7 pricetag (remember that from MAD? ..."CHEAP!")