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The Nazis and the Occult.

The Nazis & the Occult - Dusty Sklar The author catalogues a lot of outrageous behaviors and beliefs in this book, but to at least a minimal degree hints there may have been some method to this madness. Any examination of the Third Reich is bound to eventually raise the question of how so many mainstream (read: non-psychopathic) people could be brought to accept and/or purpetrate acts of brazen barbarism. Part of the answer is these minions were initiated into a semireligious cult which glorifies death, power, and unrestrained use of force. It's not that (most) Nazis necessarily believed in black magic, but this use of the occult served their political purposes. Imagine the mind of an adolescent in Germany of the late 1930's... the old political, economic, and *religious* systems have brought the nation to the depths of the a hyperinflative depression. The new leader comes along with a new political, economic, and religious (occult) system. It is all part of the conditioning.Ms. Sklar doesn't press very far into this, but exploiting occultism to political purposes is not unique to the Third Reich of seventy years ago. Modern day psychopaths in our own government have similarly appropriated occult ritual as a conditioning, initiating, and indoctrinating tool, as John W. Decamp touches on in The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse Satanism and Murder in Nebraska, and Alex Jones explores in his documentary Dark Secrets and The Order of Death: Inside Bohemian Grove