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Nimitz - E.B. Potter If you're a historian, you are glad they wrote this book, so all the details of this important man can be duly recorded and catalogued. I'm not a historian. I'm a book reader, and I learned from this book that even very important historical figures who accomplished great deads do not necessarily make for riveting reading. Nimitz deserves accolades for his leadership and organizational skills so vital to the American victory in the Pacific. He was a lot less theatric, and probably easier to work with than Douglas MacArthur, which probably made him a superior officer in many ways, but for recreational reading, I'll take William Manchester's "American Caesar" any day. To be fair, there are some memorable anecdotes, but surprisingly, his leadership in World War II is not the best part of the book. Maybe the best story is how he ran a ship aground as a junior officer, and managed to salvage his career. All those chapters about recruiting in California- I didn't need to hear about all that.