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See Inside Famous Buildings (Usborne Flap Book)

See Inside Famous Buildings - Rob Lloyd Jones So I'm at my parents' house, and my nephews have this book... this is so great! This is so much fun! The illustrations are these great. NO, THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!! On the side of each page is a smaller monochromatic pen-and-ink drawings, done in that kind of sketchy, architectural style. Then the centerpiece drawing is done in watercolor. The large drawings are done as an outside view of said landmark building, and then there are little windows you can open for cutaway views. The selection of builings is very diverse: the Great Pyramids, the Colosseum, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Blue Mosque(Istanbul), Himeji Castle (Japan), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), the White House, "the Gherkin" in London, etc... The text includes little stats about each building, and why it is of interest, etc. It does not talk down to the kids at all, and nothing is "cutsified". But it is really fun! Actually, as I look around at the other books they've got here, this one really stands out in that regard. Now that I think about it, there's nothing about this book that really makes it specifically for kids, other than the fact that it's mostly pictures, and not that long. What a great book! Actually, you reading this right now should go out and get this book right now, FOR YOURSELF! Okay, I officially love this book, and to show you I'm serious, I just ordered it for myself online before I finished this review. It was only $12. This should get some sort of prize. Do they give those for kids' books? (that's naive; I'm sure they do)