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Limits of Hitler's Power

The Limits Of Hitler's Power - Edward Norman Peterson I cannot understand why this book is out of print. My reason for even writing a review is that you can still get your hands on a used copy -and I encourage you to do so. The book recounts several isolated, but true, tales where all Hitler's machinery of government failed to impose its will on the people. As you might guess, the more rural the setting, the less influence national politics had on local life. In some of these smaller towns, when the Nazi regime pushed the right buttons, citizens actually confronted their fascist oppressors. One interesting case recounts villagers who wouldn't stand up for their own civil liberties or reject the hateful ethos of National Socialism, but who did rebel when Nazi officials tried to remove the cross from their church. There is always a danger in trying to extrapolate general lessons from a few individual cases, but nonetheless these are true stories of successful resistance to a police state, so must be instructive on some level.