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Brother Number One: A Political Biography Of Pol Pot

Brother Number One: A Political Biography Of Pol Pot - David P. Chandler Very detailed extrapolation/speculation about the political maneuverings in the highest level of government during the nightmarish reign of the Khmer Rouge (1974-79). The problem is that Cambodia was so insular at that time, and so few top-level leaders survived the numerous purges, that most of this book is by necessity a painstaking reconstruction from source documents. I don't recall whether there any interviews at all throughout the entire book. That tends to make the reading very slow and dry. It is a fascinating, morbid, horrible chapter in human history, and very relevant to current politics, especially if you are sympathetic to the view that Pol Pot's reign may have been a sponsored experiment of oligarchical collectivists who continue to hold sway in the World Bank and IMF today.I didn't really know how to fit this into the review, but one of Pol Pot's big goals was to eradicate all foreign influences from Cambodian life... so why was his party called the Khmer Rouge ("rouge" being French for "red", as in Communist)? Wasn't this hypocrisy glaring enough to make even the most brainwashed footsoldier question the leadership?"