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Drive It Forever: Your Key to Long Automobile Life

Drive It Forever: Your Key to a Long Automobile Life - Robert Sikorsky You do matter.Sometimes it feels like I am constantly complaining about all the things that are wrong with the world. I know it can come across like I'm saying "Everything sucks, and there's nothing we can do to change", but I'm not. You are not powerless, and you shouldn't feel like you are. For as badly-managed as our social/political/ financial systems are, there are a lot of things we can do to turn all it around. This book is about one of them: making your car last longer.Gaining Financial Independence (while "sticking it to the Man"!)These are difficult times. The jobless rate continues to climb, our 401(k)'s continue to lose value, and the US Dollar continues to decline in the long term. In bitter contrast, things on Wall Street have never been better.However which way you explain it, Wall Street is taking advantage of the American middle class. What to do? Do what dissatisfied consumers have always done: take your business elsewhere. Part of the solution is simply moving your money. Close your accounts at large banks which have stolen public funds, and open accounts at small community-based credit unions. Get aggressive about minimizing your debt, or better yet: get out of debt completely! Deny lenders the excessive interest they collect, and the excessive service charges they impose to nickel-and-dime us. Making your car last longer is a great way to reduce debt. How much interest have you paid over the years to large banks for car loans? That has to stop. The median age of a personally-owned car in this country is 9.2 years. This book aims to help each driver drive and maintain his car to get the maximum life out of it. If your car's lifespan could be doubled, it would result in twice as much time to save money for your next car. If everybody could pay cash for his next car, consumers would be that much more independent of greedy banks!It isn't hard to do.You don't have to read this book cover-to-cover; the chapters are broken into stand-alone topics (e.g. oil, driving techniques, adjustments, interior, etc). The target readership is not "car guys", who know how to fix everything on a car, and enjoy doing so. It's for people who know how to put gas in the tank, and little else. Advice ranges from oil additives, coolant, inspections and safety, to rust prevention, tires, and how to "break in" a new car. There are some interesting anecdotes, including a part which explains what exactly ruined so many cars in Washington State after the eruption of Mt Saint Helen in 1981. ...Which brings me to the one disadvantage of the book: its 1982 print date. Some things have changed since then. Issues of leaded vs unleaded gas are an anachronism. So is the chapter on carburetors. Some of it may seem laughable, but there's still plenty here that's relevent. I've had this book a long time, and it's helped me (along with other books) keep my car running well. My current car is 12 years old, has 140k miles on it, runs reliably, and looks great. I'd love to be able to drive it another 8 years, and I don't see why that couldn't be possible. The dream of buying my next car for cash (or better yet- to drive this one forever!) is a source of enduring satisfaction for me.-Good Luck!