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On Beyond Zebra! (Classic Seuss)

On Beyond Zebra! - Dr. Seuss On Beyond Zebra! I haven't thought about this book for AGES!!! The whole premise of this book is that there are lesser-known letters to the alphabet, which actually stretches on beond Z. This book catalogues the additional letters, like "Nuh" and "Yuzz", which are used to spell made-up words describing different crazy stuff from the Seuss universe. Even at whatever age I read this, I knew that these weren't real letters, but it was fun to think about the possibilities of what it would be like if there were more letters. My favorite thing is that Seuss invented actual typographical characters for each new letter. It just seems like it would spice things up to have more fun letters. I'd even settle for established letters from other alphabets, like "ø" and "å". Måybæ I'll stårt using thæm in æværydåy lifæ ånd sæe if it cåtches øn!