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The Book of Leviathan

The Book of Leviathan - Peter Blegvad You know how you meet some people, and even though you've never met before, you just sort of hit it off with them? That's how it was with me and this book. A few pages in, there was just a chemistry there, and I knew I was going to enjoy the whole thing... which is cool when you're only on page 2 or 3 of a fifty page book, because there's so much more left to enjoy. It's kind of like waking up at 3am, and realizing "Hey, Jackpot! I still have three more hours to sleep!" There's probably some rational, mundane reason for reader/book "chemistry" like that. The author and I may have had a bunch of similar formative experiences, or been raised in comparable environments, under similar circumstances. I don't really want to dissect it too much. Deconstructing it would probably help me understand the phenomenon, but it would probably diminish my enjoyment. Like vivisection.So, about the book: I loved every page. Even though I've never heard of Mr Blegvad before, we seem to have a shared sense of humor. And that's as far as I want to intellectualize it. I can imagine some day in the future, I may just randomly bump into Peter Blegvad, like at a small party at a mutual friend's home, or maybe buying porn somewhere, and I'll be like "Hey, Man! I loved your Book of Leviathan. I especially liked... [insert spontaneous and fluid coversation here]". Then he'd be like "Hey, thanks! What did you think about [more witty yet genuine dialogue]" and then we'd share the next few hours over drinks, engaging in enlightening adult male heterosexual* non-sports-related conversation. It would be very much like My Dinner with Andre**, except we wouldn't be the butt of as many jokes, and more people would appreciate how cool we are. I'd never see Peter again after that, but occasionally in his future works he would include a subtle in-joke, known only to us, making reference to some brilliant thing I said in our awesome conversation.***Man, that son-of-a-gun Peter Blegvad! Not only did he write, like, one of the all-time best comics I've ever read; he apparently also won a dream date with me! His stock just keeps rising! I wonder if he wrote about me in his diary?****___________________________________* Is it okay if I say that? I'm just clarifying...oh, never mind.**People who don't like that film can suck it.***Fantasy scenerio; actual results may vary. ****Review for humor purposes only; no restraining order needed, Mr Blegvad!