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A Mathematical Nature Walk

A Mathematical Nature Walk - John A. Adam Simple questions about the nature are answered using physics and math from a high school level (maybe college level for a few of these). How much you like this book probably depends on two factors:1) How interested you are in the questions posed.2) How satisfied you are with the answers.As for factor (1): I liked about half of the questions posed. The book is best when addressing classics like "why is the sky blue?". Unfortunately, I get the impression that the authors ran out of good ideas midway through, and "fleshed out" the rest of the text with less inspired fare like "could King Kong really exist?" For factor (2): I was happy enough with the answers I understood. Since I don't use calculus in my daily life, and it's been about 25 years since I took a calculus class, some of the explanations were difficult to follow. ...well, that's really more a problem with me, than with the book!