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Mill on the Floss (Penguin Popular Classics)

The Mill on the Floss - George Eliot This has been a banner week for me. First I met Aerin, who is super cool. Then famous author K I Hope] autographed my copies of [b:Hector and This Is Not a Flophouse. Then, I heard Eh! yell "MOTHERFUCKER!" at a car that cut her off on the highway. She later tried to say it was "Mother Faulkner", which is an endearing lie that only a GoodReader could come up with, but it was totally "Motherfucker" and you can ask Aerin or Chizuru if you don't believe me. Also, if you don't like Faulkner, you're entitled to your opinion, but geez Eh!, leave the guy's mother out of it! FINALLY... the last great thing to happen to me this week was finding this book again. This is the only book I bought in Iceland, and for two years I thought it was lost. Then today, it suddenly reappeared in a box I keep in storage, that mostly has computer junk in it (e.g. old keyboards, etc). I have looked in that box many times before, and I know it wasn't in there before today, so it is very spooky. If the Hardy Boys were real, I'd totally hire them to figure out the mystery of what happened to it. I would not hire Nancy Drew, because even though it would be a totally legitimate business arrangement to pay her to solve the mystery, I just don't want any connection in any way with any underage girl. You just never know what people might try to say. OH SHIT! I just realized the Hardy Boys could try to say I was trying to do some weird sexual shit with THEM! That would be even worse (er... because there's two of them). Okay, fuck it, I'm not hiring any underaged fictional detectives to solve this mystery. But you want to know what else is spooky about this book? There are several things: (1) this book is printed by Iceland Review, and sold in Iceland, but the text is in German only. (2) the author's name is Kenny Taylor, which is a suspiciously non-German sounding name. (3) the ISBN number is printed in super, super small font on the very last page, as if they have something to hide. Wooooooooo....So! If you get a chance, I highly recommend you visit Iceland. It is a country with stunning natural beauty. There are geothermal hot springs you can soak in- a cool Viking Museumthe locals are really nice and there are cool gysers, like at Yellowstone Nat'l Park ...but most of all (well, maybe not most of all) there are Puffins! This is one of the cutest bird species ever, check it out: AwwwwwwwwwwwwWhat more do I have to say? This book is filled with stuff like that. And some German text which I didn't bother to read. I only give it three stars because it is so small, it's hard to appreciate the pictures, and it's a bit heavy on the text, given what it is. (i.e. "puffins for the curious") Part of me was disappointed that this isn't in Icelandic, because that would make it a more "authentic" souvenier. Also, Icelandic is really cool to look at, even if I can't understand a word of it. Oddly, my inability to speak Icelandic did not hamper my enjoyment of this wonderful country in the slightest.NOTE: It is completely unrelated to what I was talking about, but to comply with Icelandic law, I must include an image of Bjork with this review: