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The Gmo Trilogy And Seeds of Deception Set

The Gmo Trilogy And Seeds of Deception Set - Jeffrey M. Smith So the Rockefellers and their gang of international gangster/bankers are at it again- this time centralizing control over the world's food supply. Perenial Rockefeller cheerleader and sycophant Henry Kissinger apparently dreamed up this scheme, and even has the gaul to gush over how control over the world food supply can be used as a weapon against anybody who opposes his psychopath bosses. As usual there is abundant solid doucmentation of everything, yet "somehow" no attention is paid by the mainstream media. Oh, by the way: those genetically modified foods you're eating (to include 89% of the U.S. soy crop, and >80% of the U.S. corn crop) may modify bacteria growing in your gut, possibly leading to allergies, altered antibiotic resistance, and other health problems. Get on the phone to your Senator, because this isn't coming- it's here.