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See Inside Your Body

See Inside Your Body - Katie Daynes OMG! Here's another one from this series. Honestly, this book isn't quite as good as the one about buildings, becuase the illustrations aren't quite as detailed. Still, it's a lot of fun for kids to see what their heart looks like, lungs, digestive system, eyes, inner ears, brain, skin, etc. (The book is "suitable for all audiences" in case you're concerned about that.) I like that this book included the skin, because honestly, I don't think I gave any thought to the skin as an organ when I was a kid. The illustration includes the arrector pili muscles, which connect to hair follicles to make them stand up. So I was telling them about goosebumps and these kids looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about. What!?? I'm pretty sure they should have heard about goosebumps by age six. (Seriously, WTF is my sister doing with these kids??) So we all went outside so they could see the goosebumps form, and they were laughing like it was craziest thing they had ever seen! Fun book.