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Pawns in the Game

Pawns in the Game - William Guy Carr It is obvious after the first chapter or so why some people find this book offensive. William Guy Carr goes out of his way to disarm these charges, to the point it seems like that Seinfeld episode: "...not that there's anything wrong with that..." The book was written 50+ years ago, by a Canadian naval officer, long before anybody dreamed up the phrase "politically correct". If you can get past that, the author does offer some intriguing insights into the banking Elites' mid 20th century efforts towards constructing the New World Order most of us just now see emerging. I'm a bit skeptical that the Spanish Civil War played out the way he describes- with secret societies (e.g. Freemasons) practically deciding the entire course of the war. Most of the rest of the book is supportable by independent research. This may be not quite a classic, but is valuable for getting the basics right, and for showing how much about Oligarchical Collectivism was discoverable even fifty years ago.