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Iacocca: An Autobiography

Iacocca: An Autobiography - Lee Iacocca;William Novak Autobiography of the successful businessman who supposedly "turned Chrysler around" (on the public dime). Naturally it loses some of its lustre now, knowing that the famed "turnaround" ultimately failed. Chrysler was swollowed by German behemouth Daimler-Benz, and even they are showing signs they can't make a go of it. I think a lot of these very successful corporate types have an indominable optimism. They probably need it to lead big organizations and undertake ambitious projects. Unfortunately, that sort of personality doesn't tend to write very good autobiographies. I don't care to hear about an endless litney of triumphs and accolades. It would be much more interesting to hear a thoughtful dissection of what worked and what didn't work on his journey to the top of his industry. Maybe that's a job for a biographer out there with a more skeptical eye.