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Orwell's Revenge. The 1984 Palimpsest

Orwell's Revenge: The "1984" Palimpsest - Peter W. Huber Remarkably original idea. Huber scanned the text of George Orwell's "1984", analyzes it, and uses it to write a sequel. The point of the sequel is not to develop the Winston Smith character, who doesn't even make an appearance. Instead, it Huber examines the telescreen device, and explores its potential to undermine the ruling Oligarchical Collectivists. The parallels between the telescreen in their world and the internet in our world are clear, but what is amazing is that Orwell's Revenge was written in 1995! Considering the role of the fax machine in bringing down the Soviet Union, this book should not be taken too lightly. How cogent is this book to America and the West? The author was invited to speak at the Bohemian Grove.