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Godbody (Signet)

Godbody - Theodore Sturgeon I don't know what I am looking at exactly. The story is kind of a strange messiah-type figure with an odd affect comes to a Stepford-type town, where all the citizens live under the thumb of a banker who owns everything (think Mr Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life") and a gossip collumnist who destroys reputations. Uh...then it kind of gets weird and he has sex with a bunch of people, uh... and somehow that teaches everybody to open their hearts up to all the love around them in the universe and to spread their warmth to all the creatures of the darkness. Something like that. As pornography, the book is a complete failure. As whatever else the author was going for, I kind of have to assume it was also a failure. So why two stars instead of one? Like the art dealer says in that Seilfeld episode about Kramer's portrait: "I'm repulsed, and yet I find I cannot look away.."