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Bitter Moon I: Triane's Son Ascending

Triane's Son Ascending - Amy Lane Abandoned on page 77.NOTE: I did not buy this in a porn shop. William S. Burroughs is not shelved on the "Porn" shelf. Why, I'm not certain, but he isn't.If George Orwell, Hieronymus Bosch, and Larry Flint got together to smoke some peyote and collaborate on a detective novel, it might look something like The Ticket That Exploded.No! No! Wait! If Aldous Huxley, Roald Dahl and Philip K. Dick got together to drop some LSD and then direct a porno... yeah, it would probably come out looking like this.How to describe the contents of this book?Well for starters... you know how the beginning of [b:The Sound and the Fury|10975|The Sound and the Fury|William Faulkner|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1350949394s/10975.jpg|1168289] is narrated by the mentally impaired Benji? And it's nearly impossible to read or make sense of? The first fifty pages or so of this book are like that, because- as near as I can figure- a totalitarian police state has injected the narrator with the psychadelic drugs and mild-altering viruses they use to subdue their population. So that part is... interesting, but incomprehensible. Mindfucked automotons go to stores attended by grasshopper creatures to buy green frog-boy sex slaves, to grow in the sewage canals which are guarded by a cadre of armed gestapo in guard towers. If you run afowl of the paramilitary police, they put you in a prison where frog eggs are implanted in your testicles, and they collect your sperm for three weeks before hanging you. (I'm not making any of this up.)Or maybe none of that actually happens- because, you know, the drugs.OH! Fans of [a:Guy N. Smith|317159|Guy N. Smith|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1251396178p2/317159.jpg]'s "Killer Crab" novels will be delighted to find that the countryside is plagued by roving colonies of murderous giant land crabs. If they aren't an hallucination.Through the mid-portion of this book (as far as I got, at least), I really had no idea at all what exactly was going on. From my notes, I have assembled a list of plot points, but I'm not sure how to weigh their significance, or how they interrelate. For all I know, there may be spoilers ahead... or it could just as well be that these notes are all completely irrelevant:1) The "Nova Police" enforce the will of the "Nova" syndecate of gangsters- who may or may not be extraterrestrials. They all have entertaining gangster names like "Sammy the Butcher", "Willie the Rat" and "Hamburger Mary". 2) Using a mind altering virus, in conjunction with a "program" on a recorded audio tape (this was written in 1962, btw), the government and/or the Novas can completely erase a person's memory and personality, leaving his brain an empty vessel, which can be filled by the psychic invasion of an alien entity, who controls the victim like a puppet.3) A detective is chasing a criminal nicknamed "Genial" for the murder (maybe... it might not have really happened) of [somebody?]. Like Agent Smith in the Matrix movies, Genial can replicate himself into erased brains, using the virus/audio tape technique above.Seriously: does anybody know if the Warshawski brothers were influenced by this book?4) This novel is set some time in the unspecified future. Far enough in the future that Earth has large colonies ON Saturn (this is impossible, because of Saturn being gasseous in composition, is my understanding, but that is the very least of Mr. Burroughs crimes in this book). Anyhow, despite the far future setting, popular activities include pinball, rollerskating and hula hoops. For everything else, you push the boundaries of imagination, but for the entertainment of the future, you give us pinball?5) In one scene, the frog-boy sex slave egg store owner gives a customer directions, which include something like "...you go down to the canal, two blocks past the giant penis statue, past the place where everybody ejaculates into the water, whenever they masturbate down by the river..." And the customer finds the place he's looking for! ...because, lo and behold, there's a bunch of dudes masturbating down by the river, where the store owner said they would be. It's like GPS!6) The government dissolves the corpses of prisoners to make a nutrient slurry for unspecified reasons, but a Soylent Green-type situation is definitely implied.7) I'm not saying Burroughs has a phallic obsession, but the erect penis of nearly every male character is described at some point. You hardly ever see that in detective novels. 8) Alien fetuses need to be grown in giant vats of human sperm. Really? How did that evolve? GIANT VATS? Jesus. So how big are these vats? Well, a terrorist act tips one of them over, and the thousands of gallons of sperm prevent the passage of traffic.I don't know what else I can tell you. I abandoned this on page 77. It could get better after that point, but skimming ahead, I really doubt it. Overall, this book was like reading the lyrics to Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds, if Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds was a fourteen hour long song about hardcore porn, jackboots kicking in doors, and psychic aliens.