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Archie Comics Presents: The Love Showdown Collection (Archie Americana)

Archie: The Love Showdown Collection - Dan DeCarlo, Henry Scarpelli I)Epicure Archie sits, his memory doused with repugnant pandertowing, feculent breath, moist with cornflake-caking, teeth sexual in their moon-like weirdness, he passes the hour like a malingering housepainter, languid with disaffection. Clad in brainsick suspenders and afflicted necktie, he cleaves to a generation of intent, a naysayer in a vast mosaic hallway of glory. To Betty he gives good, saying "Make merry with wine, Spirits~!"Jughead, a puppet of dander-headed payscale has about him a percussion,like and such, felt about with moronic tunes of forecast. He is dealt with as an eel.Reggie, a monster spent under a fortress of constructions, willful and malcontent, he is the proverbial blood-sprocket of this sad enterprise. II) Archie peers through the brush, at silhouetted figures around the fire, dancing in simian proto-humanity. A silent unqueched sickness in his throat, half-naked light bending on the bough, shitifying in its obsolescence. He turns to run, beset by a quagmire of foul qualities reaching up from the heel, through every tendon to the head. His throat quivers and shakes, a choreography of intestinal motility, a dance of vomit and a fountain of spew. He massages the loaf and contemplates slanders raised in his brain, unfit for eating or thinking or dreaming, like rancid raisins on the sill."Give you the goat?" he shouts into the emptiness, "has not one in this plum-tripped universe the will to shriek at the nullifying suburban suffocation that is Riverdale?" His magnitude dilates, but there is no answer.There is only... Veronica. 1.5 - 2.5 stars