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The End is Near!: Visions of Apocalpse, Millennium and Utopia

The End is Near!: Visions of Apocalpse, Millennium, and Utopia - Roger Manley, Stephen Jay Gould, Howard Finster, Adam Parfrey, Dalai Lama XIV, Rebecca Hoffberger Art, when it is truly expressive (i.e. not corporate advertising, but honestly rendered personal art) is a look into the artist's mind. In the case of this book, the artists are mentally ill, and the mindscapes they relate are very unfamiliar. The subject matter varies from paranoid (hence the title) to mystic/religous to incoherant. It is all very personal; none of it was produced with the intention of display. Mostly it is doodles in notebooks, pencil sketches on typing paper, and other sorts of amature home art.It may be a bit exploitive to be examining the manifestation of disease for enjoyment, but without being an expert on the subject I have to believe that much can be learned here. Whether you are interested in the mental illness aspect of this book or not, some of the art on these pages is endlessly fascinating, and extremely creative.