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Day Hiking Oregon Coast (Done in a Day)

Day Hiking Oregon Coast (Done in a Day) - Bonnie Henderson This is a reference book, so I won't say I've read it cover to cover. It contains a nice range of day hikes along the Oregon Coast. The hikes range from 1 mile (seems short, but maybe okay if you're pressed for time, or people in your group who can't do longer walks) to 14 miles. All the trails are public access. At this point, I've only done one of the hikes. So far what I like about this book is: 1) the directions for getting to the trailheads have been very accurate. It can be very frustrating to set out for a hike, only to waste half the afternoon trying to find some obscure location with poor directions. 2) The descriptions of the trails (changes in elevation, potential for flooding, overgrowth) have been very accurate. 3) The notes about local flora and fauna are copious and have been accurate. 4) there are a lot of good pictures (most black-and-white, but a few in color) showing views from the trails, which can be a big help in deciding which hike to select. You might think photos of the trails would be a pretty common feature of books like this, yet surprisingly it doesn't seem to be.