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Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business - Lorraine Horsley Best kids' book I've ever seen explaining about money, savings, interest, making change, running a small business (e.g. hot dog stand), and taxes. This is all a bit over the heads of the six and five year old who got it this year, but I'm guessing maybe an 8-10 year old readership would get this stuff. Obviously, a book like this doesn't go into anything too deep or nuanced but it actually does mention that paper money is different from gold because countries print paper money. That makes this book a wonderful jumping off point for having a conversation with your kids about how the leaders on television are criminals who are stealing from us by printing too many paper dollars, and how someday those dollars won't be worth anything at all, but gold will still have value.Take it from me: a six year old is not ready for that conversation. I'll have to try again next year (and maybe next time not in front of my sister, their mother).