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Hamilton Duck

Hamilton Duck - Arthur Getz I just found this in the basement at my parents' house! This was among the first (maybe the first) of my bird-themed books, and a bedtime favorite! I happen to know exactly when I got it, because (and I don't remember this part, but I have it on good authority) my parents gave me this book when they brought my little sister home from the hospital (i.e. when she was born). I don't know exactly what sort of message they were trying to send by that, but honestly, Mom and Dad were like 23 and 24 at the time, so they probably had no idea what the hell they were doing. Anyhow, I used to loooove me Hamilton Duck. For one thing, he doesn't have a name which begins with the same letter as his species (e.g. Bugs Bunny, Micky Mouse, Henrietta Hippo, etc). That seems to imply that he isn't defined by stereotypes. He's transcendant. I wouldn't have been able to articulate this at the time, but he has a calm intellegence about him... and that isn't just my imagination; right on page 14, it says that he is very wise. In the story, he proves this by figuring out that winter has come, when he discovers one morning that the pond he usually swims in has frozen over. See? That's using your head. You make an observation, and then form a reasonable hypothesis. It's called "evidence-based reasoning", bitches, and it happens to be one of the foundations of Western thought.Hamilton shouts down through the ice to tell his fishy friends that it's winter. He's very community service-minded.I only wish kids had more positive duck role models like Hamilton, but unfortunately the biggest duck names in childrens' literature are that idiot Daffy Duck...perpetually angry Donald Duck,...and needy Ping.Please don't expose your kids to those negative duck sterotypes; banish Daffy, Donald and Ping from your homes, and replace them with Hamilton. He's the duck THE MAN doesn't want you to know about.