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Two TIckets to Paradise

The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge - Nikoli

[written- but not posted- last night]


I will have your know that I am not drunk, but I will admit to

this being on my thrid glass of merlot, which is a very rich and

flavorful variety. Something about it seems very -I guess

"wintery". So I am enjoying this evenint with wine, bird

on my shoulder, and sudoku. and it occurs to me that probably

sukdoku is perhaps the only math puxxle you can do whenyou are

drunk. I say "math puzzle" because it uses the numbers 1-9, but

really any nine different symbols would do. There is no

computation. it is a spatial puzzle. Spacial? Spaceal? You fit

them toghether in ways... I can't explain it right now, but

what's amazing is taht in a 9x9 grid, there are so many

different combinations that work. I'm sure they use computer

programs to generate these puzzles today, because I am sure

theyre are algorithyms that take into account how the numbers

must fit, and how many clues you must give to solve the puzze.

What does it say that these can be solved by a drunk man? You can zone outg but still be thinking about sukdor. I was

thinking to myself how these little number puzzles are a pleasant diversionary

escape, and if ordained by fate, my stereo (on "shuffle")

selected playing "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money. This is very

much an escape song, whether you think Eddies is triying to get

the girl to go on vacation with him, or if you think it's a song

about faking his death. I think the key is taht in the middle of

the song he says "Baby, we'll disappear" Nobody says that about

a vacation- that's faking your own death talk right there. Is

Eddie Money dead? I don't even know. But if he is "dead", it

wouldn't surprise me if he isnt' dead, but only faked his death,

and left a clue of what he was goingto do in his 80's song. (oh,

and in the song, he keeps saying "waiting so long..." because

faking one's on death is a long and painstaking process

(presumabley) if you are to do it right,and get away with it.

Probably Eddie Money is sitting on a beach in Paraguay with

Kenneth Lay, doing sudoku. (See how I tied it back!_)