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September 2017
read and rated
reviewed: Spitting Blood/ glazing eyes
In all of human history, no infectious disease has claimed more human lives than Tuberculosis ("TB"). The reason for the larg...
Spitting Blood: The History of Tuberculosis - Helen Bynum
Widsith: The opening of a muuuuch longer work. Readers of tales set down from oral tradition will recognise: Genealogies, ref...
The Left Hand of Darkness - the first published of Le Guin's truly great novels. A Wizard of Earthsea was released later in ...
Six out of nine stories were familiar to me as they are reprinted from Wodwo. The remaining three were the best ones! I don...
September 2017
read and rated
reviewed: High Polar Adventure and an Autopsy
This wasn't what I expected at all, but ended up being a decent read nonetheless. It is packaged as an account of the failed ...
Fatal North: Adventure and Survival Aboard USS Polaris, the First U S Expedition to the North Pole - Bruce Henderson
Monthly "Finish Shakespeare this Year" update: I'm needing to go at 0.95 plays/month. Started the year at 0.66 plays/month. ...
August 2017
Keller is a stone cold killer (as discussed at length when he goes to therapy). So why is he a sympathetic character? I think...
read and rated
reviewed: Short stories of the Wild West
Meh. These are short stories from the 1840's to the 1860's, telling about colorful characters the author presumably met (or s...
The Outcasts of Poker Flat and Other Tales - Bret Harte
read and rated
reviewed: A broader history than the title promises
This seems like a niche history about nine German-Jewish families (well 8 German Jewish families and 1 Germanic-Swiss Jewish ...
Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York (Modern Jewish History) - Stephen Birmingham
July 2017
read and rated
reviewed: An entirely adequate book which did not excite me.
If you haven't heard it all before, I guess this is worthwhile. Basically the standard complaints about capitalism- which is ...
The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy - Raj Patel